Do I Have Rights? Grandparent's Rights

I often meet clients who want to know about Grandparent's rights in Utah. Grandparents Rights have become problematic in Utah. At Adams Legal we work hard to help Grandparents maintain strong familial bond with their grandchildren.

In Jones v. Jones, Utah Supreme Court decided that Grandparents have legal authority or visitation rights with their grandchildren in Utah. The Supreme Court held that parents have fundamental right to make decisions on behalf of their children. 

I hate having to tell grandparent's that come into my office that there is little to no recourse in their situation. However, I want to be clear, grandparent's can get court appointed visitation, they simply need to show that they have a legally "sufficient" cause to order visitation. Unfortunately, this is such a high bar that grandparents have had little success getting visitation rights.

In order to get visitation, a grandparent must provide evidence that the children are being harmed by the loss of the relationship. If a grandparent cannot proved this conclusively, then they will lose.

If you are interested in having Adams Legal review your case, feel free to contact us. Lucas has worked on and prevailed on grandparent's rights cases. He is upfront and honest and will let you know his opinion on your legal situation. For a free consult call 385-777-5533.

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